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So, you want to hear the story behind “KICKFLIP”, eh?

My name is Chester Leung. I started KICKFLIP in 2021 when I was 14. My deep love for art extends to my early childhood and ever since then, I could express myself through multiple media mediums.

This year, I decided to put my love for art towards a charitable cause.

Everyone knows just how creative children can be. But unfortunately, not every child has the means to do so. That is why I started my campaign “KICKFLIP”; to foster creativity in underprivileged children throughout Hong Kong by donating visual art supplies, and funding visual art programme activities.

And so, I set myself to work. Influenced by the work of Keith Harring and my passion for skateboarding, the end result is the skating heart motif.

I hope that you will consider supporting my cause by purchasing a box (or twenty!).

kickflip_family photo (1)_edited.jpg

(That's me on the far left!)

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